Primary & secondary school resources supporting SEAL and ECM

Whole School SEAL: Posters and Certificates POSTERS & CERTIFICATES £25

Children seen applying a targeted SEAL skill can be nominated for a certificate (nomination slips provided). Anyone can nominate a child – teachers, visitors, caretaking or administrative staff, support workers, parents – thereby involving the whole school community. Children can then be rewarded in celebration, achievement or SEAL assemblies with the relevant certificates.

“Really brought the midday supervisors on board with the whole SEAL strategy. They loved being part of it, and even came in to the assemblies to give out the certificates.”

Give your whole school a high-profile SEAL FEEL! Each pack contains 7 full-colour A3 posters (one per SEAL theme), 28 high-status A4 SEAL skill certificates and nomination slips, to photocopy as required.

“The children have started nominating each other AND teachers now! It’s SEAL fever!”

Research shows that the embedding and practical application of SEAL skills around the school,
in the playground, at home and in the community, require encouragement, recognition and
celebration. We get more of the behaviours that we notice and reward!

The Posters SEAL Reward Certificates
Each of the theme specific A3 colour posters invites everyone in the school community (teachers, support staff, midday supervisors, visitors) to ‘catch children being good!’ – in this case by putting a SEAL skill into practice!
Displaying the posters around the school reminds adults and children to use, promote and notice the targeted skills, offering a focused, consistent, whole-school ‘push’ on the skills being taught through the SEAL curriculum.

“We had so many nominations in thefirst week we had to use a raffle system to decide who would receive a certificate from each class! But everyone who was nominated got a house-point so no-one
lost out.”

Each theme poster lists four specific SEAL skills to be on the look-out for. The skills chosen for each theme reflect those suggested in the DfE SEAL curriculum booklets as a "Whole-school focus for noticing and celebrating achievement".

The pack provides master copies of 28 A4, full colour SEAL certificates. There are four certificates per SEAL theme, each relating to one of the targeted SEAL skills displayed on the poster for that theme.