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Grange-Enders: Into Year 8

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About the novel

Written by ex-head teacher and noted educational author, Maggie Walker, this pacy, gritty, funny and moving novel engages the hearts and minds of both students and adults. It follows the lives of four (very different) Y8 pupils throughout the academic year, exploring their thoughts, feelings and responses to the highs and lows of school and family life. Within the context of ‘a rollicking good read’, the author sensitively and subtly enables students to safely engage with the issues and dilemmas of real concern to them - changing friendship patterns, what it means to feel different, bullying, standing up for what you believe in, teamwork, dealing with family issues - and in the process to explore and develop the social and emotional skills they need to deal effectively with the demands of life as a young person in 21st Century Britain.

I stayed up late just so I could finish it. I thought it was real because the stories could all be true. I loved it so much and I wish there was more to read

Lily Starr Aged 12
10th August 2010